Decolonizing Spirituality Part 1: Exploring Colonization from a Spiritual Perspective

What does it mean to decolonize your spiritual life? I began to answer this question at the 2019 annual conference for SDI (Spiritual Directors International), surrounded by spiritual practitioners and leaders from around the world. I learned that decolonizing spirituality is for everyone, as it is more about creating authentic connection than about resurrecting ancient rituals that may or may not hold relevance for us. If you are looking to deepen your spiritual life from a decolonized perspective, join me in this 3-part blog series where I explore a process for spiritual decolonization.

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3 Reasons Diverse Books are Difficult to Read


I feel like I’ve come to diverse reading later than most. It was only after starting my Bookstagram account, working on a Book Festival, and my painful journey through graduate school that I’ve become aware of the issues of representation in books and publishing. I am grateful for this new awareness and proud of how I continue becoming more intentional with my reading choices. But lately I’ve come to a startling realization: reading diverse books is difficult for me! Sometimes when I see a work by a marginalized author or perspective, I won’t want to read it even if it sounds interesting. Horribly, there are some days when I think I don’t want to read diverse books anymore! In this post I’m going to explore why I think I am burning out.

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